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Feb 29, 08 - 7:22 am

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Those disappointed by the lack of a 3G announcement at MacWorld can take heart. According to UBS analysts, iPhone chip supplier Infineon Technologies is ramping up production for the next generation iPhone. This time around, it will include a high-speed 3G data radio.

Keep in mind this is just some guidance from analysts. Analysts are people, too, and prone to make mistakes now and again. That said, the note published to investors by UBS yesterday seems more credible than other reports that have been scattered across the Internet.

The unnamed analyst who wrote the report said that “3G-enabled iPhones will be released by mid-year, and that the current EDGE iPhone platform is being ramped down earlier than expected to ‘clean’ inventories.” In addition, German chipmaker Infineon Technologies will be the one to manufacture the necessary chips to give the iPhone its 3G-ness.

As you all remember, the iPhone has been derided from the beginning for its lack of 3G capabilities. Apple’s response was that it wanted to provide the most consistent experience to the widest range of possible customers. That meant using AT&T’s EDGE network, which covers practically every square inch of the U.S. Even though the iPhone includes speedier Wi-Fi, the lack of 3G prevented many from purchasing the device.

The Mac faithful were largely expecting word of a 3G iPhone at last month’s MacWorld. It didn’t happen. No new versions of the iPhone were introduced, save for the 16GB version that was bowed in late January.

What’s interesting is that Apple is hosting an event next week to detail the iPhone SDK. Apple could use this event to make other iPhone-related announcements. Will Steve Jobs actually break the news of a 3G iPhone? Who is to say.

For now, we have to take the UBS analyst’s comments with a grain of salt.

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