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Aug 7, 08 - 9:31 pm

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Fuelly LogoI’m always on the look out for new and exciting web applications and today I was introduced to a really cool one called Fuelly.
So what is Fuelly you might be wondering? Fuelly is a site that tracks your gas mileage over time, helping you save fuel and expenses as you drive.

If you want to stalk my MPG, you can find me over at my Fuelly profile.

It’s pretty easy to use the site as well.

Basically you sign up for a free account, add a car to your profile, then either keep track of miles driven between fuel-ups (using your car’s tripometer) or record your odometer at each fuel-up (you can choose in your settings which way to record mileage).

For technology geeks like myself who are always connected, you should check out the mobile version of Fuelly for adding data right from the gas pump. I checked it out on my BlackBerry. It looked really nice.

As an added bonus, they even have a blogtastic development blog to keep everyone up-to-date on the upcoming changes, features, bug fixes, etc.

The service is still really new… barely live 24 hours but I see this application really taking off. If you end up registering account, let me know so we can be gas mileage stalking buddies :)

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