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Oct 11, 02 - 1:30 pm

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Well as many of you know, I’m a song writer and I get inspired by events around me and things that happen to friends and loved ones… and there’s a lot going on around me these days… so without any further ado:

No use pretending, let’s tell it like it is
You just took advantage when I gave all I had to give
After one to many battles, I got tired of the fight
Each time we were together, was like walking on thin ice
Couldn’t make it happen, no matter how hard I tried
Decided it’s impossible to keep you satisfied
Our love was like a candle, slowly dying in the wind
You can’t hold on, when the feelings gone
Now we’ve finally reached the end
I step out of the darkness and leave it all behind
Now I’m ready for a new life

Don’t need the pressure, I refuse to play the game
I won’t be around to jump next time you call my name
I’ll take my chances, I’ll take it day by day
Let the curtain fall, I’m out of love, That’s all
Now there’s nothing left to say
Learning from the changes, got my feet back on the ground
Nothing is ever gonna stop me now

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