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Jan 16, 08 - 3:46 pm

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Capcom recently revealed plans to release a downloadable remake of Bionic Commando entitled Bionic Commando: Master D Revival Plan (subtitled Hitler’s Revival in Japan).

This XBLA and PSN release is in addition to Capcom’s upcoming full 3D remake/sequel of the series and will be a completely separate title.

Bionic Commando

Master D Revival Plan is reportedly a 3D title that “promises to maintain the flavor of the original title,” which presumably means side scrolling gameplay and (hopefully) a firm adherence to the original’s pseudo-adventure-game style.

A Japanese version of the downloadable game is planned for Spring, but release plans for an American or European version have yet to be announced.

Source: IGN: Bionic Commando Remake Set for PS3

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