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Jan 10, 08 - 9:00 am

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Xbox 360

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Microsoft is already adding to the Xbox Originals library, and the new title is a great one: Burnout 3 Takedown.

If, like me, you’re getting antsy waiting for Burnout Paradise, this might be just enough to tide you over, though 1200 points is still awfully pricey.

You can grab Burnout 3 starting on Monday. That’s assuming you can connect to Live to download it, of course.

Live service has been suffering lately due to “server strain” brought on by a huge upsurge in demand over the holidays.

The Xbox team has been scrambling ever since to get it back to normal, with varying degrees of success.

I’ve been getting mixed reports. Some of my friends say Live is smooth as pudding, while others are still frustrated.

I’m having trouble getting and staying connected. What’s it like for you?

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Luke wrote on January 10th, 2008 at 2:34 pm

Tell you what, you get me a 360, a broadband connection, and an Xbox Live account, and I’ll tell you how my connection is. Sound good?

But seriously, I’ll most likely get a 360 by September. Crackdown couldn’t make me buy one, Dead Rising couldn’t do it, Mass Effect almost did but couldn’t, Assassin’s Creed couldn’t make me buy a 360, but Fallout f-ing 3 comes out in September. So yeah, I need a 360 by then, and then I’ll probably buy all those other games too. And probably that John Woo Stranglehold game, if only for the multiplayer.

And hopefully by then I’ll also have a job so I’m not just going into massive debt…