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Jun 19, 03 - 11:12 pm

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Instant Messaging

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Tonight I was having some Dr. Seuss fun on AIM tonight with a friend. I started, then she followed. We went back and forth… hehe gotta love late night AIM fun:

hickory dickery doc…
there is a foot in my sock
and the foot likes to talk
with my neighbors hawk
who flys down the block
and carries a big lock
hanging from his cock (hehe)
also in a sock
that goes tic-tock
and on your door it will knock
knock knock “i am the cock”
and i will stalk
the hawks big cock in the sock
who flys down the block
with a lock hanging from his cock, in the sock going “knock knock” on the door falling to the floor
crushing the whore
with his mighty cock lock pushing her through the door
and her slutty dress tore
panties falling to the floor
as if its no chore
the whore kept begging for more
but the hawk with the lock on his cock claimed he was too poor
so the whore kicked him out the door
and called him a bore
and said “don’t come around here no more”
or you’ll get real sore
then she closed the door
and nibbled on an apple core
as she bore – into her juicy fruit with her tongue
and a bird outside sung
with a pitiful lung
tweet tweet, chirp chirp, look the whore just burped
and slurped
wishing it was the hawks cock, that knocked on the door before

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