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Feb 16, 07 - 9:55 pm

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In the building where Guy Tozzoli hatched plans in the early 1960’s for an urban renewal project called the World Trade Center, young Google engineers now build software for the ultimate answer machine.

Welcome to Google: the reception area of Google’s NYC offices.

Google's NYC reception area

Work spaces in the New York offices of Google.

New York offices of Google

One of Google NYC’s office spaces.

Google NYC's office spaces

Razor scooters, a preferred mode of inter-office transport.

Razor scooters

Snac-tion: The New York offices of Google have micro kitchens and snack stations throughout.

Lots of Almonds, Yogert Covered Raisins, Sunridge Farms Jelly Beans, Peanut M&M’s, Cheerios and Sunridge Farms Trail Mix.

Google snack stations

Google NYC’s gaming area features a pool table, air hockey and Guitar Hero.

Google NYC's gaming area

Google’s tribute to Albert Einstein “Google=mc2” with Einsign:


One Comment

Luke wrote on February 16th, 2007 at 10:58 pm

Dude, yogurt-covered raisins and Guitar Hero? Looks like a sweet place to work…