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Jan 9, 03 - 8:38 pm

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Why “heavy”? Why “metal”?

The music that stirs our Dark Selves… existed long before our feeble attempt to define it in modern English. Before it had a “name”…

It thundered down from the black skies into lifeless seas.
It came spewing from the volcano at Pompeii.
It howled in the dungeons of the inquisition.
It threw back its head and laughed at the antics of Charlie Chaplin.
It has always been ever with us… and ever shall be.

It was only when rock ‘n’ roll came along (November 1954) that we “humans” had an interface with all this nameless cosmic energy and an opportunity for some bright lad to come up with the designation “Heavy Metal”.

Some reject the phrase as too limiting. Some reject the clothing as to confining. Many refuse to comment… but admit it… isn’t there one track you put on really loud when you’re the only one home? And isn’t that just the best?

Good old nameless cosmic energy, that’s all. We call it “Heavy Metal” now but that’s just a name…

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