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Aug 11, 06 - 9:58 pm

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Today I went to the Japanese Garden in Portland. It was so amazing. If you ever come to Portland, Oregon, I recommend you visit the Japanese Garden.

The Japanese Garden is tucked into a cusp in Portland’s West Hills, situated at about five hundred feet above sea level. It is a haven of tranquil beauty that has been proclaimed one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan.

I took a lot of pictures but I’ll only post a few for now:

Japanese Garden

Cleanse Your Spirit

Japanese Pagoda

Water Covered Rocks


Big Tree

These are just a small taste of the pictures I took while visiting the Japanese Gardens.

To find out more about this wonderful place, visit the official Japanese Garden website.

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Kerry Cobb wrote on November 21st, 2006 at 2:49 pm

What wonderful photos and comments about the Garden. Thank you for posting this!


Kerry Cobb
Director of Marketing and Communications
The Japanese Garden of Portland