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Aug 16, 06 - 4:08 pm

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I’ve been looking through my digital pictures that I’ve been taking while on vacation in Oregon and wanted to share some of the random geek type pictures I took while driving around and getting lost on small two lane roads.

Here is a photo of an interesting door lock at a local Portland, Oregon bank. That’s right, if you need to get into the bank or use the ATM machine after hours, you’ll need to use your ATM card to unlock the door:

ATM Door Lock

Driving down some random street in Aloha, Oregon, I notice a familiar technology logo for a processor company. Yep, Intel’s Aloha Campus:

Intel Aloha Campus

While in Oregon, I noticed that gas stations don’t want you pumping your own gas which seemed weird to me because I’ve always pumped my own gas. When I asked the gas station attendant about this, he said it was because of safety issues. Interesting indeed. I did snap the photo of the sign below on the gas pump at the Arco gas station while filling up, so maybe this is the safety issue he was talking about?

Gas Pump Warning Sign

Most of my friends know that I love classic video games and I even own a few full sized classics myself, so after getting gas at the Arco, we went to a total ghetto arcade called Wunderland. What was really cool was every game took nickels, so basically 5 cents per game. A few did require 3-7 nickels but it was still really cheap to play games.

Wunderland Arcade

Next up is a picture of a space age looking pay phone. I’ve never seen one shaped like an egg or green in color for that matter but now everyone can see one because of the photo I took below:

Green Space Age Pay phone

Last but not least is a photo of me next to a yellow road sign which reads “ROCKS”.

Yellow Rocks Sign


Luke wrote on August 18th, 2006 at 9:31 pm

Funny, I was told that Oregon’s full-service stations are to make jobs for kids and other other-wise unemployed people.

Ainslie wrote on August 19th, 2006 at 12:59 pm

Do you know, for a minute there I though that was a toilet with the ATM card slot!