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Jan 9, 08 - 2:58 pm

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For those of you who own Nvidia graphics cards and still somehow haven’t played Portal, Nvidia is now offering, free of charge, an extended Portal demo cleverly titled Portal: First Slice.

Much to my dismay, while First Slice does offer more gameplay than the previous demo, it offers no new content to those who have already played the full version of Portal.

To get your hands on First Slice, head to this webpage.

The site will automatically scan your PC for Nvidia products, and once you’ve been verified you’ll be given the option to download Portal: First Slice to your existing (or newly created) Steam account.

Additionally, Nvidia users can also download Peggle Extreme, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, and the Half-Life 2 tech demonstration level The Lost Coast free of charge from that same site.

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