Dollar Bill Project

I’m starting to collect dollar bills trying to get one for every series year of printing. So far I have a dollar bill from the following series years:

  • 1957 – Seventh District, Chicago (Silver Certificate)
  • 1963 – Twelfth District, San Francisco
  • 1974 – Twelfth District, San Francisco
  • 1985 – Sixth District, Atlanta
  • 1988 – Fourth District, Cleveland
  • 1993 – Fourth District, Cleveland
  • 1995 – Twelfth District, San Francisco
  • 1999 – Sixth District, Atlanta
  • 2001 – Twelfth District, San Francisco
  • 2003 – Twelfth District, San Francisco
  • 2006 – Twelfth District, San Francisco

As I add more $1 bills to my collection, I’ll add them to the above list.

Dollar Bill Trivia

Here is some interesting fun facts and trivia that I’ve come across in my search for dollar bills for my collection.

  1. An interesting fact, in 1996 the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) started to issue newly-designed currency notes, so dollar bills pre 1996 are of more interest to me because they are soon to be on the shredding block.
  2. The first $1 notes (called United States Notes or “Legal Tenders”) were issued by the Federal Government in 1862 and featured a portrait of Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase (1861-1864).
  3. The first use George Washington’s portrait on $1 notes was on Series 1869 United States Notes.
  4. The inclusion of “In God We Trust” on all currency was required by law in 1955. The national motto first appeared on paper money in 1957 on $1 Silver Certificates, and on all Federal Reserve Notes beginning with Series 1963.
  5. The first $1 Federal Reserve Notes were issued in 1963. The design, feauturing George Washington on the face and the Great Seal on the back, has not changed.
  6. Of all the notes printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, $1 notes make up about 45% of currency production.
  7. The life span of a $1 Federal Reserve Note is 21 months. Other denominations have different life spans.

As I find more trivia, I’ll add it to this section.

Help With My Project

Do you want to help with my project? Have a dollar? Need a dollar? Contact me for more information.