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Aug 9, 06 - 12:36 pm

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Here I sit at the San Jose International Airport waiting for my flight which will begin boarding in about 45 minutes.

The TSA check point wasn’t too bad. It took maybe 5 minutes to go through once I got up to the metal detector and xray machine. They asked me to take my shoes off. That’s a first for me at an Airport. I guess it depends on the type of shoes you have on.

After getting through the check point and retrieving my laptop, I had a little snack and now I’m posting this message.

I’m hoping the plane will have Wi-Fi. It’s a 50/50 chance since the plane I’ll be flying on is a Boeing 737-400 Jet which according to the website has wifi but because my flight is only 1.5 hours, it might not be available. I did pay $6.95 USD for a 24 hour pass here in the Airport which I’m only going to use maybe 1 hour total. Oh well, I’m a geek and wanted to check email and post.

I really hope that I’ll be able to post from 30,000 feet. That would be cool. Either way I will take pictures from the plane and will post some from the air if I can or once I land. Until next time…

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Jennifer wrote on August 10th, 2006 at 5:13 pm

Yeah, you’re a geek. :)

Whenever I fly, they always make everyone take off their shoes. It’s a requirement, now. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing. That’s why I wear flip-flops when I fly, because they’re the easiest to remove and slip on quickly so I don’t hold up the line.

Although, an evil part of me (probably “Deborah”) has always wanted to try going through security wearing a pair of black, lace-up sexy boots… just to see the looks on people’s faces when I tried to remove them and then put them back on. :P