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Jan 14, 08 - 12:17 pm

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The most recent issue of Nintendo Power offers up some new information about BioWare’s RPG for the DS, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

You can choose your party of four from 11 different characters, including the expected Sonic crew of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow, as well as Amy, Rouge, and Big the Cat.

You’ll be able to spot enemies on the field, giving you some flexibility in just when you engage in the turn-based combat. Control will be apparently be entirely stylus-based, a la Phantom Hourglass.

There will be team attacks and special attacks, which you can flat-out purchase or level up. Rings will naturally be the currency of the land and the game takes place in two acts: the first is in the more familiar Sonic environment while the second is a darker world.

JeuxFrance has scans of the screenshots from the article, and they look absolutely lovely. I tingle with anticipation and cross my fingers that this all works out for the best.

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Lucas wrote on January 18th, 2008 at 2:01 pm

Man, Bioware and Sonic, it’s just crazy enough to work. I’m going to hold off on getting it until I see someone else playing it though, if I get it at all – even just on the DS there’s plenty of other deserving games, and as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have limited funds…