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Nov 20, 07 - 8:14 am

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Xbox 360

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Microsoft is offering an impressive little bribe to European 360 owners to get them to persuade their pals to follow the way of the console, too: ten free Xbox Live Arcade games.

The pal with the new console gets the free games, too, thanks to Microsoft’s “refer a friend” promotion, which runs until December 14th.

The freebies are:

  • Every Extend Extra Extreme
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
  • Bomberman Live
  • Marble Blast Ultra
  • Spyglass Boardgames
  • 3D Mini Golf Adventures
  • Small Arms
  • Assault Heroes
  • Zuma Deluxe

Uno and Worms, two of the Arcade’s most-played titles, are notably not included.

The relative age of most of the titles makes it likely that the existing 360 owner will only scoop up a few new games, but for someone just buying a 360, this is a huge bonus.

If the Nintendo Wii turns out to be as hard to get as predicted, casual players just might be tempted to go the Microsoft route instead.

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