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Flashback to 1986 – I’m 14 years old and sitting in my room with my Commodore 64 hooked up to my 13 inch black & white television, typing in a 7 page long basic program from a computing magazine.

I knew IBM “clones” existed, but I knew I had it made with my trusty C64. If you weren’t around then or if you were a Commodore hater, you missed some really cool years of computing.

Early Macintosh snobs were always cracking on C64 users, granted I learned on Apple II computers in 2nd grade elementary school.

Yes, the Macintosh had better graphics, a mouse, a user interface, etc but, the C64 world had something even better: game/program trading galore or as some would call rampant piracy.

Now, I know people have always copied this and that, but I remember C64 trade fairs where you’d leave with a shoe box full of 5.25 floppies packed full of goodies.

It would take weeks to go through all of it. Ah the memories.

If I had seen this commercial back then, it would have probably driven me to IBM clones much sooner.

Fortunately this is (or was) a TV commercial for the Commodore 64 home computer that aired in 1985 on Australian television and well, I’m from the USA.

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